Family clinic in Kaunas

Our family doctors will take care of both your and your family's health. 

With a comprehensive perspective and understanding of your and your loved ones' health history, we will be able to take the most effective steps to help you feel great. 

Family doctors are the primary specialists who help maintain good health and coordinate your healthcare with various doctors. By taking a holistic approach to health and consolidating all data from different experts into the hands of a family doctor, we can achieve the best results. 

Our services suit everyone, from the first steps of planning a family expansion to the latest stages of life. We pay special attention to quick healing, wellness and immunity strengthening. Each treatment plan or procedure is tailored to your personal or your entire family's needs. We perform comprehensive tests, consult you and select the most suitable treatment or wellness plan together.

Family doctor consultation (Monday - Sunday)
30-100 €
Student preventive health check
50 €
Ozone therapy
50 €
Vaccination service (vaccine cost excluded)
10 €
Complex wound dressing
50 €
Removal of sutures (stitches)
15 €
Removal of ticks
15 €
Removal of sulfur plugs
25 €