Fighting Allergies – AlerGone

Say goodbye to sneezing, itching, teary eyes and other uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Discover AlerGone, a unique intravenous therapy to improve allergic reactions instantly. This drip will help you breathe easier, relieve watery and irritated eyes, coughing, skin rashes, redness and itching.

Enjoy freedom with AlerGone.

Therapy starts from €60


Key Ingredients

  • Respiratory medications
  • Systemic corticosteroids
  • Adrenergic and dopaminergic agents
  • Electrolyte solution

Respiratory medications

  • alleviate unpleasant respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath
  • help relax the upper respiratory tract muscles, allowing easier breathing
  • reduce inflammation

Systemic corticosteroids

  • effectively reduce inflammation
  • quickly relieve itching, soreness and tingling
  • inhibit the immune response to allergens

Systemic corticosteroids

  • suppress the immune response to allergens
  • reduce itching and allergic reactions
  • help with anaphylaxis or hypotension

Electrolyte solution

  • helps balance electrolytes in the body
  • helps restore lost fluids


Make an appointment as soon as your acute allergy flares up, or if you have chronic allergies.
Yes, the doctor’s consultation will help you identify the cause of the rash: an allergy or another illness that may present with a rash. Based on the type of allergy, your doctor will determine which medications to prescribe and the number of AlerGone treatments you will require.
A single treatment is very brief – just 20–30 minutes.
Each case is unique, but if you have applied on your own, rather than being brought in for emergency care, we recommend adding an immunotherapy or an energy drip to the mix – the synergy of the two will help you get back to your regular routine in no time.