Calcium gluconate

Do you feel that your throat hurts and it is becoming difficult to speak, and you have an important meeting or performance coming up? At such moments, every word becomes a difficult task, and there is no time to wait. VoxRecovery comes to your aid - intravenous therapy that relieves inflammation and pain of the throat and vocal cords. This effective dropper was designed to not only relieve symptoms, but to promote healing from within.

When your voice calls for help, help it with VoxRecovery.

The price of therapy from 60 €


Main ingredients

  • Medications selected personally for you
  • Electrolyte solution

Medicines for the throat and vocal cords

  • helps maintain the health of the throat and vocal cords
  • can help dissolve mucus that builds up on the vocal cords
  • may reduce irritation or pain in the throat and vocal cords
    has an anti-inflammatory effect

Electrolyte solution

  • helps maintain electrolyte balance in the body
  • helps restore lost fluids


In order for your vocal cords to recover, you will need to come to the clinic 3-5 days in a row and receive a drip.
It is suitable for restoring a hoarse voice after laryngitis or other diseases that affect the vocal cords.
One dropper takes about 30 minutes.
Viena lašelinė kainuoja nuo 33 eurų.