Hyperbaric chamber

The only LUXURY COMFORT hyperbaric chamber in the Baltic States!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is a revolutionary treatment method where patients breathe 94% pure oxygen in a special bar chamber. This advanced therapy allows the body to absorb up to 5 times more oxygen molecules than normal, thus improving overall health, delaying the ageing process, promoting faster wound healing and effectively reducing inflammation and infections. Thanks to the maximum oxygen saturation, the blood transports oxygen more efficiently to the body, which is particularly important for the recovery of tissues after injuries or surgery, activates metabolism, improves blood circulation and promotes the detoxification and regeneration processes, helping the body to get rid of harmful substances and rebuild damaged cells.

The bar chamber is an innovative healthcare tool. Try the LUXURY COMFORT hyperbaric chamber with our experts and experience its benefits.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy price:
1 person - 100 € 60 €
2 people 170 € 110 €
3 people 210 € 150 €
4 people 240 € 180 €


What should you know about a bar camera?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a bar chamber is a modern, non-medicated treatment method for delaying the ageing process, recovering from various injuries, treating and preventing illnesses, and improving general well-being. It is a safe treatment method with extremely positive results, especially when using lower pressure settings, which effectively allow oxygen to reach deeper tissues and thus improve their recovery and function.​

The duration of the treatment depends on your health needs, but usually one session lasts about 90 minutes. Up to four people can be in the chamber at the same time, so you can take care of not only your own health but also that of your loved ones. During the treatment, you will be able to listen to music, watch a movie, use your phone or personal computer.

The air in the bar chamber is compressed to a pressure of two atmospheres, which is equivalent to the pressure in water 20 metres deep. This increased pressure can raise the uptake of pure oxygen by up to 20 times compared to normal conditions.

Your condition will be closely monitored by the healthcare team throughout the treatment.

Drops Clinic Family Clinic in Vilnius offers a modern, high-end bar camera, which is the only LUXURY COMFORT HIPERBAR camera in the Baltic States. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe, time-tested and effective procedure designed to improve the functions of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, to enhance the effects of medications, to speed up the healing of inflammation and wounds, and to improve the functions of the nervous system.

The bar camera is used for:

  • To reverse the ageing process of the body
  • Healing of wounds that do not heal for a long time
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Treatment of sports injuries
  • In case of alcohol intoxication
  • Migraine treatment
  • Reduction of symptoms of seasickness
  • Insomnia
  • Hearing impairment
  • Restoration of time disturbances (“jetlag”)
  • Treatment of various skin lesions on the body
  • For acute pancreatitis
  • Blindness due to arterial thrombosis, air embolism
  • Treatment of diabetic wounds that do not heal properly for the treatment of decompression sickness
  • Decompression sickness

Benefits of the bar chamber: 

  1. Increase in energy levels
  2. Improved cognitive function
  3. Reduced stress levels
  4. Activation of blood circulation
  5. Tissue regeneration
  6. Stem cell mobilisation
  7. Reduction of inflammation and swelling
  8. Suppression of infection foci
  9. Activation of new blood vessel growth
  10. Faster wound healing